6 Tips from Experts for a Lasting and Happy Marriage

Who doesn’t want to have a lasting and lasting marriage? Not only does it last a long time, but how do we do it, couples and children can be happy while staying in a long-running household.

Well let’s look at some of the 6 breakthrough tips:

1. Marriage Mindset

It all starts with a mindset or mindset. What is marriage? What are love and the purpose of marriage?

The first thing we have to change to get a healthy and happy marriage is a mindset. From the mindset will determine whether or not the desire is reached and direct our lives. The real key is a mindset.

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2. Best Friend Forever

In a marriage, developing friendships with a spouse can be the basis of a great marriage. However, sometimes this is not easy. Not only women but some men are also reluctant to make their partners as friends as if friendship and romance cannot be put together.

Even though research shows that lasting marriage is a marriage where someone can make a partner as his best friend.

3. Enjoy Romance and Sex in Marriage

The question of romance is the same as talking about the element of passion in love. Passion often flares while still dating and at the beginning of marriage but after 2 to 4 years of marriage passionate love will go out. Well, some couples turn their love into friendship love. Friendship is like friend zone, only individuals are bound by marriage and accept that ‘life goes on’.

This couple feels no need to arouse passion in marriage, especially if the child is older. Admittedly, many successful marriages even though married couples do not have passion or passion. However, having passion can enrich marriage and make marriage easier to maintain. You can try the Viagra Coupon to make your marriage more passion.

4. Communication

A communication is said to be good if one speaks while the other listens and then responds that he understands. Well, the response can be with a nod, murmur, or ask something that is not understood as well as it is.

The problem is, communication is often interrupted so that miscommunication is easy. For example, one speaks but the other does not respond or both speak without anyone listening or responding.

Therefore, we need to learn breakthroughs in communication to improve the way we speak in the home.

5. Fight with ‘Love’

When you get married there are so many things in the household that can spark a fight from starting small things like broken faucets, how to put things in, closing toilets, school children, vacation destinations, in-laws, to using the money.

Often the problem is not with a partner, but with ourselves. Every fight needs special skills to minimize conflict, that skill I call ‘fighting with love’.

6. Commitment

Do you still remember each other’s promises when you got married? Some of us say it with sincerity, of course. Unfortunately, not always the speech is executed.

Not infrequently these words are only considered slogans and empty formalities that can be violated just like that when we feel we are no longer pleased with a partner. Even though the words of commitment to the promise of marriage are a declaration witnessed by many people, such as declaring to the public that we decide to always be with the couple whatever the circumstances.

To warm the relationship again, remember the promise of our marriage, try communication 15 minutes a day with your partner, it doesn’t need to belong. Hugs 3 times a day or other. Look, the existence of children will increase the complexity of marriage because we have to be smart to find time with a partner.