Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy or epilepsy is a condition that can make a person experience recurrent seizures. Damage or changes in the brain are known to be the cause of a small proportion of epilepsy cases. In cases of epilepsy, seizures occur when the electrical impulses are produced excessively, causing uncontrolled behavior or body movements. For more complete information about the treatment of epilepsy, you can get information in CBD Oil Canada.

Symptoms of epilepsy

Repeated seizures are the main symptom of epilepsy. Seizure characteristics will vary and depend on the part of the brain that is affected first and how far the disorder occurs. Based on disorders of the brain, the type of epilepsy seizures is divided into two, namely:

1. Partial Seizures

In partial or focal seizures, the brain is only partially affected. These partial seizures are further divided into two categories, namely:

Simple partial seizures, namely when the seizures occur the sufferer does not lose consciousness. Symptoms can be a jerking limb, or a tingling sensation, dizziness, and flashes of light arise. The part of the body that has a seizure depends on which part of the brain is experiencing interference. For example, if epilepsy interferes with brain function that regulates the movement of the hands or feet, then only the two limbs will experience seizures. partial seizures can also make the sufferer change emotionally, such as feeling excited or scared suddenly.

Complex partial seizures. Sometimes, focal seizures affect the consciousness of the sufferer so that it makes it look like a confused or semi-conscious for a while. This is what is called complex partial seizures. Other characteristics of complex partial seizures are the blank vision, swallowing, chewing, or rubbing your hands.

2. General Seizures

In general or overall seizures, symptoms occur throughout the body and are caused by disorders that affect all parts of the brain. The following are symptoms that can occur when a person has a general seizure:

  1. Eyes that are open during seizures.
  2. Tonic seizures. The body becomes stiff for a few seconds. This can be followed by rhythmic movements in the arms and legs or not at all. The muscles in the body, especially the arms, legs and back twitch.
  3. Atonic seizures, which are the muscles of the body suddenly relax so that the patient falls out of control.
  4. Clonic seizures, which are rhythmic jerking movements that usually affect the neck muscles, face and arms.
  5. People with epilepsy sometimes make sounds or scream when they experience seizures.
  6. Difficulty breathing for a few moments so that the body looks pale or even blue.
  7. In some cases, overall seizures make the person completely unconscious. After being aware, the patient looks confused for a few minutes or hours.

There are types of epilepsy commonly experienced by children, known as epilepsy absence or petit mal. Although this condition is not dangerous, the child’s concentration and academic achievement can be disrupted. The characteristics of epilepsy are the loss of consciousness for a few seconds, blinking or moving the lips, and blank views. Children who experience these seizures will not be aware of or remember what happened when they were seized.

Causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy can begin to suffer at any age, generally, this condition has occurred since childhood. Based on the cause, epilepsy is divided into two, namely:

Idiopathic epilepsy also called primary epilepsy. This is a type of epilepsy whose cause is unknown. Some experts suspect that this condition is caused by genetic factors (heredity).

Symptomatic epilepsy also called secondary epilepsy. This is a type of epilepsy whose cause can be known. A number of factors, such as severe head injuries, brain tumors, and strokes are thought to cause secondary epilepsy.

Treatment of Epilepsy

There are no methods and drugs to cure epilepsy. However, there are drugs to prevent seizures, namely antiepileptic drugs so that people with normal activities can carry out daily activities. Seizures in people with epilepsy need to be handled appropriately is to avoid the occurrence of situations that can be fatal. For example falling, drowning, or having an accident while driving due to seizures.

Prevention of epilepsy

In addition to drugs such as CBD Oil, handling epilepsy also needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, not consuming excessive alcoholic beverages, and special diets.

When to go to the doctor?

You need to contact your doctor if you experience epileptic symptoms like the following:

  • Seizures lasting more than 5 minutes.
  • Breathing or consciousness does not return after the seizure stops.

The second seizure takes place immediately afterward.

  • High fever.
  • Heat exhaustion.
  • Is pregnant.
  • Have diabetes.
  • Have been injured by a seizure.