What are the pros and cons of children accessing tech devices at an early age?

Nowadays, the question is not whether your kids will be computer literate or not, but when and how soon is too soon for them to start accessing tech devices. Some tech specialists say that youngsters who have access to technology at an early age are better prepared for school than those who have no access. Since parents might be in a dilemma wondering how early is too early for their kids to start using the tech devices, I will help you analyze some of the pros and cons to be well informed on what to do.

Some of the pros of kids using tech devices

Children gain more information.

When children have access to technology, they experience a whole new perspective of the world’s various cultures. They can enjoy watching videos about the festivals and events taking place in other countries. This will help children to appreciate the different cultures that we have around the world. Besides, through technology, children can know what is happening around the world. They can see the seven wonders of the world and tour the most exciting places from the comfort of their coach. Through this, they are motivated to work smart and dream big.

Technology helps improve creativity and freedom of expression.

Generally, children are known to have big imaginations. Gone are the days when kids could express their creativity using crayons and colored makers. With modern technology, parents can now buy tech gadgets online, thanks to online shops. However, they have to go through the reviews to know the previous customers’ complaints, experiences, and opinions. This will inform them about the best reputable shop and the gadgets that are worth buying online. Through tech devices, kids can create 3D animations and print the animations using a 3D printer. If parents nurture such talents and skills, they can grow into a million-dollar business in the future.

Technology helps kids improve their language skills.

Technology has created various opportunities for youngsters to develop their language skills. Parents can buy e-books from online shops that will help their kids improve their vocabulary. However, before purchasing the e-books, it would be best for parents to read through the us-reviews to know the previous customers’ complaints, experiences, and opinions. This will help them know the reputable shop to buy from and some of the best e-books for their kids. Besides, various apps, such as reading raven, can help your children improve their reading skills. The app also has multi-sensory reading games that make reading fun and engaging for the kids.

Cons of kids using tech devices

Social skills issues

Children who spent most of their time using tech devices will not have quality time to interact with their friends and family. They will be virtually connected with friends rather than meeting them one-on-one. Since we are social beings, it will be a challenge for your kids to create new friends. Besides, they won’t be empathetic to the needs of others. As kids grow, they need to develop social skills.

Eye-sight problems 

Prolonged use of tech devices may cause children to develop computer vision syndrome. Your kids may experience eye fatigue, double vision, unclear vision, and a burning sensation. Besides, sitting for too long may cause neck pain, headache, and lower back pain along with vision concerns. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that kids take a 20 minutes break when they use the tech devices for 30 minutes.

Health issues

Prolonged use of tech devices can be harmful to your kids’ health. When your kids spend all their time using tech devices, they will not have time to play and exercise; thus, they gain a lot of weight that may be unhealthy. Parents need to teach their kids that there is time for everything and the importance of time management. Parents can consider having a timetable for their kids to incorporate everything necessary in their kids’ lives.