Facial Plastic Surgery for Your Perfect Look


The best solution for your astonished look is ADONIS Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures. With the latest technologies we create the best medical treatment for the happiness and good look of our clients. Get inspired by the plenty of people who are already resolved to change their lives and self-feel with the unbelievable offers from ADONIS.

ADONIS clinics always take care of every patient they have. That’s why the special preparation stage for facial plastic surgery is provided. Highly skilled specialists from the Surgery Department will organize the consultation based on your case history, contraindications and requests. The full range of safety precautions, including a wide examination process and tests will ensure your best staying both during and after surgical operation.

The main contraindications for the plastic surgery are:

  • the acute stage of any chronic diseases
  • diseases caused by blood clotting disorders
  • type I or II diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation
  • any inflammatory diseases in the area of the upcoming operation
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding

Please, pay your attention, that every medical case is individual and unique, that’s why the special consultation of ADONIS specialists is necessary to determine your own treatment plan.

ADONIS provides a great variety of services for plastic surgery for facial beauty. You will have no limits in choice of highly professional medical care and rehabilitation stage. Blepharoplasty upper eyelids, Otoplasty, Eyebrow plasty, Facelift, Neck lift, rather rare Bishma lumps removal and Jawline endoprosthetics and many other offers are waiting for you!

Total control and safety

Your safety and total health is our main priority. The whole requirements of the Ministry of Health are unquestionably ensured and over fulfilled.  All medicine cabinets, equipment, accommodation rooms and premises are strictly disinfected and cleaned. We ensure the best service that cares about your health.

With the ADONIS department of anesthesiology, we provide the special tests before operations to be sure that the medicines are suitable for your organism without any undesired reactions. During the whole process of Facial Surgery, ADONIS anesthesiology specialists will control the situation and monitor your health state.

ADONIS specialists provide the set of narrowly targeted consultations to have complete information about the client’s lifestyle, case history, precautions and medications reception. All of these facts are crucial for the best results with no surprises.

Result oriented rehabilitation

For the best results after ADONIS Facial Surgery, the rehabilitation stage is an important aspect.

Our skilled professionals provide a list of recommendations that will help you to keep yourself in form and make your appearance the best look. The most common measurements include lymphatic drainage, press therapy, compression underwear, specially oriented cosmetics, harmful habits refusal and many others.

ADONIS creates the space of your total happiness and health together with the Facial Surgery Department. Choose the best variant for you and begin the new life with a beautiful appearance.

ADONIS will help you to fall in love with yourself again!